Selected Articles Featured In Back Issues of WMN
1984 Articles
Low-Noise Laminated Circular Saws
A New Method for Evaluation of Circular Saw Tensioning
On-Line Thermal Tensioning of Circular Saws
Wear of Carbide Cutting Tools
Optimal Tensioning Condition of Circular Saws
Circular Saw Guiding Systems

1985 Articles
Health Effects of Wood Dust
Band Saw Guiding Systems
Floating Saw Guides for Circular Saws
Circular Veneer Slicer
A New Computer Program for Circular Saw Design
Gullet Cracks in Saws and How to Avoid Them
Swiss Develop Machine for Straightening Circular Saws
Tree Technology, Inc. Offers Automatic Control of Feed Rate
Uddeholm Introduces Preswaged Band Saws

1986 Articles
Lumber Size Control: The LSIZE Program
Safeguarding Woodworking Machines and Worker Safety
Circular Saw Stiffness as a Measure of Tension
New Saw Frequency Analyzer
REKMATIC: An Automatic Bandsaw Maintenance Machine

1987 Articles
Radial Slots in Circular Saws and Saw Stability
Wood Industry Video: "Efficient Wood Sanding"
Wood Machining Research at the Technical University in Braunschweig, West Germany
Ultrasonic Cleaning of Cutting Tools
CORY: A Computer Program to Calculate Furniture Stock Yields
Video System for Saw Tooth Inspection

1988 Articles
Polycrystalline Diamond Cutting Tools in Woodworking
Materials Harder Than a Diamond
Laser Alignment System
New Hydrowedge Cutterhead from Wadkin Tooling
New Saw Tooth Designs
Five Axis Waterjet/Router
Wood Machining Research in Canada

1989 Articles
New Exposure Limits for Wood Dust
On-line Control of Bandsaw Performance
Highlights of Ligna Hannover '89
Vollmer's Machines for Sharpening PCD-Tipped Circular Saws
Low-Noise Circular Saw Blade from Leitz
Fully Automatic Bandsaw Leveling Machine from W. Oppliger
Dri-Cote Tool Lubricant from Sandaro Industries, Inc.
New PCD Automatic Grinding Machine from Lach Diamond

1990 Articles
Optical Saw Inspection System (OSIS)
Fully Automatic Bandsaw Leveling Machine from Alligator
CVD Diamond Cutting Tools for Woodworking
Supercritical Speed of Circular Saws
How to Locate or Sell Used Machinery
Quiet Tooth Cutterhead System from Newman and Whitney
SpiraMax™ Cutters from Gladu Tools, Inc.
Dust Control With Anti-Static Abrasive Belts
Automatic Band Saw Leveler Introduced by Simonds Industries
Curve Catcher: A Saw Control System

1991 Articles
Major Sources of Wood Machining Defects
Highlights of Ligna Hannover '91: Low Noise Circular Saws
High Capacity Longitudinal Wood Slicer from Linck
Computer Program for Dimensioning of Shank Mounted Tools
Tensioning of Circular Saw Blades by Laser
Straightening of Circular Saw Blades with a Laser Beam
Advanced Processing Systems for Eastern Hardwoods
Automatic Tensioning and Leveling Machine for Bandsaws
Ceramic Tipped Saw Blades

1992 Articles
Proceedings of CIFAC '92 Covers Computers in Furniture and Cabinet Manufacturing
ISO 9000 Quality Assurance Standards
Parclo™ Topguard for Chainsaws
Ninth Scanning Technology Update
Diamond Film Cutting Tools
Tantung as a Cutting Tool Material
Safety Requirements of Woodworking Machines: Approval of New U.S. Standards

1993 Articles
Schurman Introduces Cant Maximizer Arc Sawing Infeed System
Controlling Ergonomic Hazards in the Workplace
Automatic Circular Saw Leveler
New Concept of Tipping Circular Saw Teeth with PCD
Highlights of Ligna '93 Hannover, Germany
Latest Advances in Wood Machining Presented at the Recent International Seminar in Honne, Norway
Cutting Logs without Generating Sawdust

1994 Articles
Tenth Anniversary of Wood Machining Institute
Automat for Hardening of Saw Teeth with Plasma Beam
SAWSEL: Splined Circular Saw Selection Program
On-line Control of Bandsaw Performance Update
Innovative Solid Carbide Knife System
New Approaches to Saw Blade Flatness Measurement
ForestNet—Computer Network for the Forest Products Industry
Laser Machining of Wood and Composites

1995 Articles
The European Union Machinery Directive CE Mark
Mecomat™ Automatic Band Saw Leveler
Saw Blades with Variable Saw Tooth Spacing
The New Generation of Low-Noise Saw Blades
The U.S. Market for Woodworking Machinery
The New Vari-Plan-Cutterhead from Leitz
Terminus Cutterhead for Planers and Molders
New Video On Syndite PCD Tools
Research on Saws in Russia
Circular Saw Blades with Internal Slots

1996 Articles
Rotary Milling Machine
Winning the Safety Game: A woodworking Safety Video and Training Book
Video on Machine Operation and Worker Safety
Automatic Tensioning and Straightening Machine for Circular Saw Blades
The Technology of Fingerjointing Now on Video
Application of High Strain in Bandsaws and Its Measurement
Computer Software for Sawing Pattern Design
An Update on Curve Sawing

1997 Articles
Canadian Center for Advanced Wood Processing
Wear Resistance of Circular Saws Tipped with Tantung and Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD)
Uddeholm’s New Steel Grade for Stellite-Tipped Saw Blades
The Sandvik MultishiftTM Steel Concept
Equipment for Measuring Straightness and Tension in Circular Saw Blades
The New Servicing Center for Automatic Grinding of Circular Saws
The Automatic Benching Center RC 100 for Leveling, Tensioning and Straightening of Band Saw Blades
Circular Saws with Curved Side-Cutting Edges
Single Crystal Diamond Tools
New Types of Saw Arbor Systems
New Cutterhead Design Improves Chip Removal
CSAW 3.1 Software for Circular Saw Design


1998 Articles
Centripetal Tensioning of Circular Saw Blades
New Modified Strobe Saw
Why Do Guided Circular Saws Work Better?
New Design of Band Saw Grinding Machine Reduces Gullet Cracks
Sawmaster Lubricants
Careers in Wood: Multimedia CD ROM and Internet Web Site
Active Vibration Control of Bandsaws
New Mortising Bit Lines
Self-Centering and Clamping Units for Woodworking Tools
The Sidewinder Helical Moulder Head
A New Generation Grinding Machine for the Sharpening of Diamond Tipped Saw Blades
Sawing with Sound Control Maximat System
New Automatic Circular Saw Leveler
Multiple Motor Concept for High Horsepower Machines
Recent Developments in Veneer Peeling Technology

1998 Articles
Fifteenth Anniversary of Wood Machining Institute
Wood Machining and Tooling Research Program at North Carolina State University
New Cutting Fluid Application Guide
Developments in Cutting Tool Materials
Sense-A-Cut: Lacey Harmer’s Sawblade Deviation Detector
Ten Years of Network Eurowood
Highlights of Ligna plus Hanover ‘99
GreCon Dimter Introduces New Solid Timber Processing Systems
New Technology for Bending Solid Wood
Hydro-Fix Circular Saw Fastening System
Research in Archangel, Russia, on Circular Sawing Machine and Cutting Tools
New Approach to Conversion of Slabs into Boards
Power Requirements for Sawing and Chipping
New Cutting Tool Material of Cemented Carbide
Survey of Planer-Machine Operations in New Zealand
New Frame Sawing Machine

2000 Articles
Predictive Maintenance Software Upgrade
Integrated Sales to Manufacturing System
Grooving of Circular Saw Blade Surfaces
Wear Resistance of Circular Saws Tipped with Stellite and Tungsten Carbide
Grinding Fluid Which Reduces Cobalt Leaching from carbide Tools
Advanced Grinding Coolants and Hybrid Diamond and CBN Grinding Wheels
Stainless Steel Saws
New Optimized Band Saw Feed System
Tropical Deforestation: Uncovering the Story
Feed and Speed Chart for Routing
On-Line Forestry Education Resource Guide

2001 Articles
North American Fuelwood Processors
Laser Alignment System
New Reverse Air Dust Collector
New Induction Hardened Bandsaw Blades
Thermex Treatment of Band Saw Blades
New Grinding Wheels for Saw Blades
Intelligent Solution to Solid Wood Processing from Raimann
Toolmanager 2000 Software
Business Management System for Sawmills and forest Industry
Distance-Based Wood Products Courses
Adamant Twincutter Power Saw
Woodworking Machinery: A Manual on Selection Options

2002 Articles
Online Measurement of Edge Chipping on Laminated Particleboards
Brazing Tungsten Carbide and Ceramics on Saws, Tools and Wear Parts
Real-Time Lumber Size Control LSize R/T System
LEUCO Tooling Systems
Miller Freeman Books
ECHO Software: The Economic Choice for Hardwood Sawmill Operations
SEESAW Control and Monitoring System
Method and Apparatus for Video Lumber Grading (Patent Review)
Machinery Diagnostics Using Audio/Video Communication
Holz Her Power Saw

2003 Articles
International Wood Technology Club
De Beers Industrial Diamonds (Debid) Changed to Element Six
Cutting Tools Technology and Trends
Tool Management by LEUCO
New Cutting Tools and Coatings from AKE
Thing Cutting Circular Saws
New Mini-Finger Cutterheads for Less Resharpening
Inx SawBlade Manager
Real-Time Lumber Size Control System SeeCon SC2000/2000L
Thin Kerf Technology Reduces Wood Waste
New Wear-Resistant Carbide-Grade
U.S. Furniture Manufactures Fighting a Defensive Battle
Wood Machining Insisute Celebrates Twenty Years

2004 Articles
The Next Generation of Drum Style Chipping Systems
Optimizing Infeed Systems for Rip Saws
High Speed Modular Planer
Lumber Basics CD
Innovative Software Automates Saw Blade Tensioning Process
Proceedings of ScanTech & SawTech 2003
Leading Lumber Producing Regions in Europe
Architectural Woodwork Learning Resources
Aluminum-Titanium Coated Saw Blades
Total Automation Comes to Saw Blade Grinding
Cutting Composites
Robotic Laser Cutting System
Tooling University

2005 Articles
The Changing Tides of Running Your Business
A Global View of our Forests
“PSR” Automatic Testing, Tensioning and Straightening Machine for Circular Saws
Chain Saws Voluntary Standards are Curbing Injuries
German Automation Impresses U.S. Woodworkers
Sawn Wood Cost 2005 Global Benchmarking Report
New Saw Tooth Designs – DIA V-tech Concept and “Kolibri Saw Tip”
Revised Safety Requirements for Woodworking Machinery ANSI 01.1 – 2004 Now Available
Active Curve Sawing with ArcoLine
Diamond Insert Knives
An Update on Water Jet Cutting of Wood Products
Safety Issues: Product Liability Defenses – an Update on Warning Labels
SME Video Series: Introduction to Lean Tooling and Engineering a Lean Supply Chain
Safeguarding of Table Saws – Shortcomings of Splitter and Blade Guard Assembly

2006 Articles
2006 Wood Technology Clinic and Show
Safety Issues with Multiple Ripsawing Machines and Table Saws: Use of Workpiece Anti-Kickback Fingers
Smallwood 2006 Conference
Thin Cutting Saws from Ogden Enterprises, Inc.
10 Years of Wood Products Processing Program, UBC, Vancouver, B.C., Canada
Forest Products Society 60th International Convention
NIST to Sponsor Summit on Global Standards
Office Furniture Reports
UCT Coatings for Circular Saw Blades
Lean Manufacturing Update Series CD-ROM
IWF 2006 – International Woodworking Machinery and Furniture Supply Fair and Technical Conference
Survey Highlights Safety Misconceptions
9th World Conference on Timber Engineering
2006 Maintenance and Quality Control Study
Industry Tours in Russia