CSAW 4.1
Computer Software for Optimizing Circular Saw Design
csaw program
CSAW 4.1, an updated Windows version of CSAW 3.1, is a computer program that calculates saw blade natural frequency, critical speeds, and response to applied forces. It also draws animated pictures of saw blade vibration. CSAW works with both unguided and guided saws. Version 4.1 is menu driven, and accepts either inch or metric units. To use CSAW effectively, you should be very familiar with the critical speed theory for circular saw vibration and stability.
CSAW program can model:

  fixed arbor saw
  spline arbor saw
  floating collar saw
  sliding collar saw
  guides with any saw type
  rotation stresses
  thermal tensioning
  roll tensioning
  lateral (cutting) forces
CSAW program can compute:
  natural frequencies
  critical speeds
  response to lateral forces
  animated pictures of saw vibration
Computer hardware requirements:
  Personal computer running Windows

The original CSAW program was developed from 1985-2007 by Dr. Gary Schajer. The computational features and range of application are the program's strong points. CSAW 4.1 runs successfully under Windows 10 operating systems.

Forty five companies and Universities in the United States, Canada, Austria, Germany, Lithuania, Poland, Sweden, Australia and South Africa are currently using the CSAW program. CSAW Software is available from the Wood Machining Institute. The price of CSAW 4.1 is $295. For those who wish to upgrade to CSAW 4.1 the price is $145. All orders must be prepaid.

Payment may be made by check payable to Wood Machining Institute. Foreign checks must be in U.S. funds cleared through a U.S. bank.

For more information or a demonstration, please contact:

Ryszard Szymani, Ph.D.
Director & Technical Consultant
Wood Machining Institute
420 N. Civic Drive, #406
Walnut Creek, CA 94596, USA
Tel & Fax: (925) 943-5240
E-mail: szymani@woodmachining.com
Ryszard Szymani, Ph.D. Director