Past Consulting Services
The Wood Machining Institute provided consulting services including on-site seminars as well as evaluation of machining operations in primary and secondary wood industry and detailed recommendations for improvement in the design, operation and maintenance of saws and knives and improvement in machine safeguarding and worker safety.
United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), Vienna, Austria. Commissioned to provide assistance to small woodworking enterprises in Ghana by assessing the needs and preparing layout design and specification for cutting tools, maintenance equipment, and consumable items suitable for servicing the machinery of small woodworking enterprises. The project involved an extended site visit to Ghana.
Brazilian Institute of Forestry and Wood Technology, San Paulo, Brazil. Invited to present a paper on "Latest Advances in Sawmilling" at the International Seminar on the Utilization of Plantation Grown Eucalyptus for Lumber Production. In addition, he visited several Brazilian sawmills and discussed with personnel the possibilities for upgrading their operations.
World Bank, Washington, D.C. Commissioned to evaluate the wood industry and its potential for development in Poland and provided a report "Poland: Restructuring, Privatization and Modernization of Wood Industries" as a basis for $100 million potential funding from the World Bank for modernization of the wood industry. February-May, 1994.
South African Lumber Millers Association, Johannesburg, South Africa. Invited by South African Lumber Millers Association (S.A.L.M.A.) to participate with a team of three other experts on sawmill design, sawing technology, lumber drying, and sawmill maintenance. Visited 15 South African sawmills and made recommendations for the modernization of their sawmill operations. Presented paper on Latest Advances in Sawing Technology at the International Conference on Sawmilling Technology in Johannesburg.
Tarkett AB, Hanaskog, Sweden. Commissioned by Peter H. Sohl, Production Engineering, to provide recommendations for thin saw design to reduce kerf losses in the manufacture of parquet flooring at Tarkett AB.
Mid-Oregon Industries, Bend, Oregon. Commissioned to provide advice on design of glue-line ripsaw blades.
P&M Cedar Products Company, Stockton, California. Commissioned by Larry Hood, then President of P&M, to visit the chopstick operation in British Columbia and provide a report on their machining operation.
Viking Engineering & Development, Inc., Fridley, Minnesota. Assisted in improvements in thin kerf sawing (at that time kerf was 0.044 inch, and sawing feed rate was 90 feet per minute for 4-inch thick hardwood. The desired goal was 150 feet per minute.)
Weyerhaeuser Company, Tacoma, Washington. Commissioned by Richard C. Beetham, Scientist, Wood Products Research and Development Department, to locate a company that could produce an automatic inspection system suitable for on-line quality control in the production of particle boards.
Kaibab Forest Products, Fredonia, Arizona. Invited by Dubal, Beck, Harris & Humphries, Inc. (Consulting Firm), Portland, Oregon, to evaluate and report on "Conversion of an 8-inch Edger into a 10-inch Edger: Determination of Saw Dimensions, Tensioning and Feed Rate." Visited Kaibab Forest Products, inspected sawing equipment, provided saw specification and conducted in-house workshop on Design, Operation and Maintenance of Circular Saws.


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