Proceedings of SawTech 2001

The Seventh International Conference
On Sawing Technology

November 8-9, 2001
Holiday Inn, Seattle International Airport
Seattle, Washington, USA

Sponsored By Wood Machining Institute
In Cooperation with Forest Products Society
And The International Union of Forest Research Organizations

Table of Contents

Message from the Conference Chairman i
Conference Organizing Committee ii
Biographical Information About the Speakers and Moderators iii
Satisfying Consumer Demand - A Comprehensive View on the Sawmill Economy by Simulation Techniques. Urban Nordmark and Sorin Chiorescu, Division of Wood Technology, Skellefteå Campus, Luleå University of Technology, Sweden. 3
Profiling Capability in Shape Sawing Systems. Mike Dockter, Mechanical Engineering Manager, USNR, Woodland Division, Washington. 11
Quality Yield Capability of Band and Circular Sawing Machines. Jaakko Vuorilehto, inX Systems, Kerava, Finland. 21
Dimensioning and Tolerancing when Sawing Logs into Lumber. Louw van Wyk, New Zealand Forest Research Institute, Roturua, New Zealand. 37
Optimized Bandsaw Feed. Warren L. Myrfield, Process Control Consultants, Olympia, Washington, USA. 47
Bandsaw Production Requirements. Dave Macey, Pacific/Hoe Saw and Knife Co., Portland, Oregon, USA. 59
Measuring Top Wheel Damping. Louw van Wyk and Peter Bayne, New Zealand Forest Research Institute, Roturua, Zealand. 67
New Design Developments for Circular Saw Arbors And Saw Centering Devices for Saw Grinding Machines. Jim Mantei, General Manager, Vancouver Gear Works, Ltd., Richmond BC, Canada. 79
A Comparison of Saw Arbor Performance. Mike Boudreau, General Manager, Delta Drive Systems, Salmon Arm, B.C., Canada. 91
A Comparison of Two Approaches to Sawing Slats. John Schultz, Super Thin Saws, Waterbury, Vermont, USA, and Franz Haas, Wintersteiger GmbH, Austria. 109
Health and Safety in the Sawmilling Industry. Rolf Birkeland, Professor, Department of Forest Sciences, Agricultural University of Norway, Aas, Norway. 119
The Effects of Heating and Cooling of Circular Saws. Bruce Lehmann, General Manager, Cal Saw Canada, Langley, BC, Canada. 123
The Effect of Material Properties on Circular Saw Performance: Comparing Stainless and Conventional Alloy Steels. Warren Bird, President, California Saw & Knife Works, San Francisco, California, USA. 135
Advances in Saw Tooth Tipping Materials. Margaret Ziomek-Moroz1, Ryszard Szymani2, Joe Tylczak1 , Jeffrey Hawk1, James B.C. Wu3, Louw DeJong3, 1Albany Research Center, U.S. Dept. of Energy, Albany, Oregon, 2Wood Machining Institute, Berkeley, California, 3Deloro Stellite Group, St. Louis, Missouri, USA. 143
Super-critical Speed Sawing Revisited. John Taylor, Group Leader, Forintek Canada Corporation, Vancouver, BC, Canada. 155
Self-Tensioning Circular Saw Blades. Anthony Renshaw, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Columbia University, New York, New York, USA. 161
Unconventional Approaches For Reducing Circular Saw Guide Wear. Leonard Valadez, Vice President, California Saw & Knife Works, Tacoma, Washington, USA. 169
Effect of Side Clearance on Guided Saw Cutting Accuracy. Gary S. Schajer and S. Udupi, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of British Columbia, Vancouver BC, V6T 1Z4, Canada. 179
Quality Assurance For The Saw Tooth Geometry and Sharpness. Jim Turner, Circular Innovations, A Division of California Cedar Products, Stockton, California, USA. 193

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