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June 19th and 20th 2007
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As the lumber markets falter and the cost of processing continues to rise, our industry faces increasing pressure to improve its operating margins. Aggressive global competition means that only those companies that get the most out of their raw materials, and can quickly adapt to the world marketplace, will survive. ScanTech & SawTech 2007 will bring together internationally renowned experts who will provide you with access to information that could greatly improve lumber value recovery, plant efficiency and profitability.

ScanTech 2007 will report on the latest developments in multi-sensor scanning using X-ray scanning in combination with colored surface scans for internal defect detection for optimizing log breakdown, true-shape laser scanners for real time surface analysis and defect detection. In addition, advances in automated lumber evaluation systems will be discussed which are used to grade hardwood lumber and to evaluate the lumber for processing into cuttings for furniture, flooring, cabinets, moldings and dimension stock.

SawTech 2007 will report on the newest technology in curve sawing with feed speed up to 650 fpm in 4 inch cants; effects of machine design and maintenance on cut quality. An improved analysis of lumber size data for guided double arbor circular saws; stainless and conventional alloy steel saw blades; saw dynamic instabilities and advances in saw tensioning and saw tooth tipping materials will be also discussed. Other topics include: a latest version of on-line computerized band saw deflection monitoring and automatic feed speed control, the new nickel boron coatings for saw blades and guides, as well as safety issues during saw maintenance.


ScanTech & SawTech 2007 will be valuable to managers of sawmills and secondary processing plants, plant engineers, quality control and saw maintenance personnel, as well as saws and machines manufacturers looking for ways to maximize recovery, plant efficiency and profitability. This can be accomplished through the improvement of value and volume cutting decisions, sawing accuracy and the reduction of kerf losses, downtime and saw maintenance cost as well as improvement of safety during saw maintenance.


1. Advances – Learn about the latest advances in technology from the experts.
2. Applications – Listen to company representatives who will discuss specific techniques and applications of scanning and process optimization and advances in saw design and sawing systems.
3. Education and Reference – At the conference, you will receive detailed proceedings that will be an essential reference tool.
4. Connections – Your competitors and your customers will be there – so should you!



The registration fee for each conference is $350.00 per person. There will be a $50.00 discount if you attend both ScanTech and SawTech 2007. The fee is payable only by check or cash (no credit cards). The registration fee includes:

- A complete set of all technical papers presented
- Coffee and refreshment breaks

NOTE: Registration fees do not include hotel accommodations or meals.


If you register now and later find you must change your plans, you may substitute the name of another person at no charge. You may also receive a full refund provided your cancellation, in writing or by phone, is received by June 5, 2007. After this date, there will be no refunds.

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