Wood Machining News
An International, Bimonthly Newsletter
since 1984

Wood Machining News is published by the Wood Machining Institute and edited by Dr. Ryszard Szymani, Director of the Institute. The newsletter is designed to bring you the information you need about sawing technology, planing and sanding operations, production of veneer and chips, and equipment associated with these operations. Wood Machining News also reports on new machining processes and software, cutting tools and machines, and worker safety. The newsletter is in its thirty-fifth year of publication and currently has a list of readers in over twenty countries.

Since 1989, subscribers to Wood Machining News have also received the Scanning Technology Update, a regular supplement to the newsletter. The Scanning Technology Update provides readers with in-depth coverage of technical developments and current research in the areas of scanning technology and process optimization in the wood industry.

As a subscriber to Wood Machining News, you will be provided with abstracts of relevant articles from the most influential journals worldwide, reviews of important new publications and patents, and announcements of exhibitions and industry-related courses and seminars. In addition, you will benefit from our on-the-spot coverage of important international trade shows and conferences.

Wood Machining News provides an independent perspective on new products. There are no advertisements in the newsletter -- just important information about new developments in the wood industry, carefully selected and condensed. We don't simply promote new trends; we assess them for our readers.

A subscription to Wood Machining News costs only $84 per year in the U.S. and Canada, and $90 overseas. In other words, WMN costs substantially less than most technical newsletters with international subscription, yet provides valuable information that would be rather difficult for subscribers to gather independently.

Wood Machining News is a unique and indispensable source of the latest information in the wood machining field, and will keep you and your company on the cutting edge of technology.

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